Life is not an SQL database, so stop living like it is

Life is not an SQL database. Real things aren’t objective as the mind makes them be. One has to understand “the world that appears through the mind” and “the world that exists as it is.”
They seem to be the same but are very different. When I say a Neem tree, the mind perceives it to be a medicinal tree. Its leaves are used to treat leprosy, eye problems, and skin issues. So, a Neem tree is a “tree” object with certain attributes.
But in reality, a Neem tree is a Neem tree. It is a subjective thing. To call it a Neem tree is also incorrect. It is born with no name.
The mind acquires its picture(of the specific Tree) by associating it with the word “Neem”.

Once a scholar went to a Sadhu and made a request to Sadhu to write his experiences. Sadhu became confused and told him how can he write his experiences. Experiences are felt.

Neem tree is a whole book in itself. If one observes closely enough, it is way more than just a medicinal tree. It is unique, it gives shade to passer-byes. It lives long enough to continue over human generations. Spend some time with the Neem tree and one will realize that the Neem tree is more than what the mind used to think of about it.
Use this analogy to understand the mysterious nature of life. This is what Diogenes conveyed to Plato.
In the early morning, Plato observed a naked guy sprinting back and forth on a beach with a spoon in hand. Upon being asked, Diogenes humorously answered that he is trying to empty water of the whole ocean into this small pit on adjacent land, using a spoon. As water is too much and spoon is small, so he is in sort of hurry & therefore sprinting. Plato reacted by saying that it is not possible. There, Diogenes told him that this is the exact same thing he (Plato) is trying to do in his life. Trying to acquire knowledge of reality through tools of the mind – logic, reasoning, intellect, etc., etc.

Life isn’t what our minds have made it up to be. It is not an SQL database.
Information can be structured, but not objects of information. Humans, trees, animals, birds, are all alive and hold vast sources of knowledge. Mind cannot gather and understand it all.
But mind has a special quality that it can understand a part of it. It can break reality into a mental picture or sound and assimilate it into information.
Whenever a person is found guilty, he is not always bad. The sinful person cannot do all deeds sinfully. He might even have done once or twice good. Just in the same way, a Nobleman cannot do all the noble deeds. He might commit one or two misdeeds. So, it is stupid to think of a human in terms of noble or sinner. Don’t let objectification of mind overrule the existential reality.
The mind will keep on passing information, supporting a statement, arguing with other thoughts. But to narrow down reality into thought is an actual blunder. A thought only tells an aspect of reality, it is not reality.

Once a scholar went to a Sadhu and made a request to Sadhu to write his experiences. Sadhu became confused and told him how can he write his experiences. Experiences are felt. A part may be presented well, but the other aspects (or parts) will be suppressed when highlighting one.

Thus, life has remained mysterious throughout the ages. Mind has never been able to grasp it. It has created its own versions of it. Try to live in the world which is as it is. Come out of your minds. Stop thinking.

If you don’t believe my words, I can understand. It’s the problem with words. Quick solution: just spend some time under a Neem Tree🌲 and you’ll get it.

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