The Joy Of Now

woman surrounded by sunflowers

This story through the use of wit and humor emphasizes the importance of being present in the moment. This is a principle that is stressed repeatedly in many spiritual scriptures as well. The two excerpts below are from the book “Awakening” by Anthony de Mello[1]. 1 When a guest volunteered to do the dishes after … Read more

Wild Dandelions

shallow focus photo of dandelion

Dandelions are wide-spreading yellow flowers. For some, it is a useful herb. Others look at them as unwanted weed. A traditional Sufi story on appreciating dandelions that exist in our lives. The excerpt below is taken from the storybook “Soul Food”, written by Christina Feldman, Jack Kornfield [1]. Story Mulla Nasrudin decided to start a flower garden. … Read more

Flight of the Gulls

white bird flying under the blue and white sky during daytime

There is nothing better than this beautiful tale to give a glimpse of the infinite that resides in all of us. A seagull who revolts against the accepted behavior of “The Flock” and is considered an outcast. Through his quest for perfect flight, he soon discovers others of like mind and his true nature. Excerpt … Read more