Sex and Spirituality: How They Can Work Together

A highly detailed and colorful oil on canvas painting of couple in spiritual love.

Sex and spirituality are two topics that have been intertwined throughout human history, yet are often approached as separate entities. While sex is often seen as a physical act, spirituality is often associated with the non-physical or transcendent aspects of life. However, the two are intimately connected, and exploring this connection can lead to a … Read more

Religion as a collection of technologies, not a dogmatic creed

ancient arch architecture art

What is the definition of the word technology? The word has its origins in Greek in the word tekhnologia meaning ‘systematic treatment’. In the modern, industrial, capitalistic context this would mean a systematic treatment and application of scientific knowledge for practical purposes (purposes that produce measurable economic output). Now, what if the same analogy can be … Read more

Pythagoras views on celibacy

Illustration from 1913 showing Pythagoras teaching a class of women. Many prominent members of his school were women and some modern scholars think that he may have believed that women should be taught philosophy as well as men.

The following exercpt is taken from the book A History of Celibacy, page 43, The Influence of Greek Philosophy by Elizabeth Abbott. In this section of the book Elizabeth details the views Pythagoras had on the topic of celibacy and conservation of sexual energy. It is fascinating to understand the take of this great philosopher, … Read more

Yoga Sutra Of Patanjali (4.1 – 4.34) – On Kaivalya

Yoga sutra of Patanjali Chapter 4

Below are the 34 translated verses from the fourth part of Patanjali’s Yoga Sutra. The fourth chapter of the Yoga Sutra starting with verse 4.1 deals with the concept of Kaivalya or Realization. In this chapter, Patanjali tells the secret of how realization can be obtained through Yoga. Kaivalya also means many other things, few of those are “solitude”, “detachment” … Read more

Yoga Sutra Of Patanjali (3.1 – 3.56) – On Vibhuti (Divine Powers)

Patanjali Yoga Sutra Part 3

Below are the 56 translated verses from the third part of Patanjali’s Yoga Sutra. The third chapter of the Yoga Sutra starting with verse 3.1 deals with the concept of Vibhuti or Divine Powers. In this chapter, Patanjali tells the secret of how vibhuti can be obtained through Yoga. Vibhuti also means glory, prosperity, and siddhi. So … Read more

Pranayama & Breath Retention

women holding breath in water

In the previous article, it was shown how the breath and the mind are linked. In this article, we will discuss how practicing pranayama affects our breathing. When it comes to Pranayama, unlike popular belief, it is the duration of breath retention that is the main focus of interest. When the breath is retained, we … Read more