Mind control through breath retention

Image of left side of brain

Our mind or consciousness is always buzzing with thoughts, fears, anxieties, and dreams. There is always a constant influx of impressions on the mirror of our awareness. Sometimes all we want is to have some quiet and calmness. In certain situations when by coincidence we manage to become thoughtless, we experience an incredible lightness. We … Read more

Are Chakras Real? (The Truth Based on Historical Research)

A 17th-century image of several chakras from Nepāl.

Almost every book on Yoga, Pranayama, or Tantra has a diagram that shows the seven chakras located at different positions on the body. But do these chakras actually exist physically or are they just metaphysical concepts? Did the Chakra system always exist in the ancient Yogic system or is it a recent invention? These are … Read more

Union of Shiva and Shakti: Tantra Philosophy of Consciousness and Energy

union of shiva and shakti

According to Tantra, Shiva represents the formless, unmanifested, cosmic consciousness. Whereas, Shakti represents formed, manifested, energy. Shakti is the energy not only restricted to the cosmos but also present in each and every individual. Just like Shiva is the supreme consciousness pervading each individual and the whole cosmos. Union of Shiva and Shakti is the … Read more

Pancha Kosha: Five Levels of Existence

Pixabay image of a women

Based on Yoga and Ayurveda, humans can experience five dimensions of existence that are called Pancha Kosha or The Five Sheaths. Human awareness can detect these five layers, and each successive layer is more subtle and difficult to penetrate than the previous one. Pancha Kosha starts with the grossest element (body) and ends with the … Read more

Ojas (Reproductive Fluid Energy) – Meaning

Chakras and Energy

Ojas is an important concept in Yoga and Tantra. Its meaning is defined more on a subtle level of mind and body system than on a gross level. However, it is very important to understand its meaning because yoga, tantra, and modern practices such as no-fap and abstinence derive their benefits and strength from Ojas. … Read more

Left Hand Tantra: Use of Five Forbidden Things (Sex, Intoxicants, etc.) To Break Attachment

Before understanding the left hand of tantra, it is important to explain the two traditional ways in yoga for enlightenment. Yoga has two paths for self-realization or enlightenment: Path of direct awareness – formless meditation on the self for direct realization Path of technique – path involving techniques and rituals for gradual realization of the … Read more

Matsyendranath & Nath Sampradaya: Founders of Hatha Yoga & First Mahasiddhas

Nath Sampradaya

Matsyendra also known as Mastsyendranath or Minapa, is believed to live in the early 10th century. He was a prominent promoter of Hatha Yoga (a major branch of yoga) and is credited as the guru of Gorakhnath who was the founder of the Nath Sampradaya (sect) of Yogis. Gorakhnath later became the teacher of Swatmarama, … Read more

Shiva Lingam: The Cosmic Consciousness

gold statue of a hindu deity shiva

Chapter Four of Hatha Yoga Pradipika is on the topic of Samadhi. It opens with its first verse praising Lord Shiva. Its 42nd verse talks about Shiva lingam. As we all know Shiva lingam is considered to be a symbol for many things. First, let’s understand the definition of the word: Definition Lingam is a … Read more

Soma Rasa: Elixir of life

colored liquid with sliced oranges

Soma rasa is called as drink of Gods [1]. Drinking it, one becomes immortal and soul is purified of past Karma. It is said to be Amrita or elixir of life. It has been mentioned in Vedas and Bhagavad Gita [2]. Some say it is mixture of honey and herbal plants. While some say it is … Read more