Union of Shiva and Shakti: Tantra Philosophy of Consciousness and Energy

union of shiva and shakti

According to Tantra, Shiva represents the formless, unmanifested, cosmic consciousness. Whereas, Shakti represents formed, manifested, energy. Shakti is the energy not only restricted to the cosmos but also present in each and every individual. Just like Shiva is the supreme consciousness pervading each individual and the whole cosmos. Union of Shiva and Shakti is the … Read more

Ashwini Mudra Sexual Energy Sublimation – Technique, Benefits, Precautions

Ashwini mudra belongs to a class of mudras that are used for sexual energy sublimation. These mudras are called Adhara or perineal mudras. They redirect the prana from the lower centers (Mooldhara chakra) of the body to the higher centers (Ajna chakra). Mudras included in the Adhara group are: Vajroli/Sahajoli mudra Ashwini Mudra Definition in … Read more

Pancha Kosha: Five Levels of Existence

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Based on Yoga and Ayurveda, humans can experience five dimensions of existence that are called Pancha Kosha or The Five Sheaths. Human awareness can detect these five layers, and each successive layer is more subtle and difficult to penetrate than the previous one. Pancha Kosha starts with the grossest element (body) and ends with the … Read more

Ojas (Reproductive Fluid Energy) – Meaning

Chakras and Energy

Ojas is an important concept in Yoga and Tantra. Its meaning is defined more on a subtle level of mind and body system than on a gross level. However, it is very important to understand its meaning because yoga, tantra, and modern practices such as no-fap and abstinence derive their benefits and strength from Ojas. … Read more

Left Hand Tantra: Use of Five Forbidden Things (Sex, Intoxicants, etc.) To Break Attachment

Before understanding the left hand of tantra, it is important to explain the two traditional ways in yoga for enlightenment. Yoga has two paths for self-realization or enlightenment: Path of direct awareness – formless meditation on the self for direct realization Path of technique – path involving techniques and rituals for gradual realization of the … Read more

Vajroli Mudra Sexual Energy Sublimation – Technique, Benefits, Precautions

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Vajra means a ‘thunderbolt’ or a ‘lightning.’ In the context of yoga, it refers to the vajra nadi that regulates the urogenital system. Vajra Nadi is also considered to be the flow of energy within the spinal column that governs the sexual systems of the body. It can be said that it is responsible for … Read more