Activation Techniques for Kundalini Shakti

The Kundalini’s awakening is a significant stage in the soul’s development. There are several ways to arouse kundalini. In actuality, the kundalini Shakti gradually awakens as the result of the majority of spiritual acts. The majority of these techniques must be acquired from an experienced master. Not all techniques work for everyone. The amount of Tamas (inertness or dullness), Rajas (activity and restlessness), or Sattva (purity and clarity) that each practitioner possesses can be used to classify them. These traits combine to make up everyone. One will be drawn to a particular kind of spiritual practise depending on their nature and previous practises. Under the rigorous supervision of a teacher, one should perform kundalini practise.

The following is a quick list of the various kundalini awakening techniques.


Mantra yoga and the activation of Kundalini

Kundalini is first awakened through mantra practise. A mantra is a sacred sound, word, or syllables that have the power to free a person’s spiritual potential. These mantras were discovered by Rishis or ancient seers and have been handed down through the master-disciple tradition for many years. Mantra Japa, which is the daily chanting of a mantra a certain number of times, is a technique that can help activate Kundalini Shakti. The pupil must be initiated by the master with the Sankalpa (intention) of awakening the kundalini, or inner dormant power. It also depends on the master’s attributes or stage of development. The student can easily get awakening through initiation if the guru has an aroused kundalini. Otherwise, it can take a while and numerous mantra repetitions. Mantra awakening is a simple and generally secure technique.

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Awakening of Kundalini through Music

The seven notes, or Sapta Svaras, that make up music have the power to alter consciousness. The brain and the body’s energy channels are affected by the seven notes or frequencies. It’s possible for someone to spontaneously awaken through music without being aware of it. However, if the kundalini is not directed toward the crown chakra after awakening, it may have negative effects. It’s possible that the person is unaware that the awakening process is to blame. In order to balance his energy and safely direct the kundalini upward, such individuals should seek out a kundalini master.

Pranayama and the Awakening of Kundalini

Kundalini can be quickly and directly awakened by pranayama, although this method necessitates extensive preparation. The body must be properly prepared by the practitioner using Shatkarma cleaning methods and a proper diet. The three primary energy channels, or Nadis, Ida, Pingala, and Sushumna, are especially cleaned out by pranayama. For the energy to increase, Sushumna, the core conduit, must be clear. In the right circumstances, the heat produced by pranayama will activate the kundalini Shakti. In order to send the energy upwards, the three Bandhas—Mula Bandha (Root lock), Uddhiyana Bandha (Abdominal lock), and Jalandhara Bandha (Chin lock)—must be practised. When the Kundalini awakens, it moves upward and tries to enter the Sushumna at the base of the spine.

Through pranayama, awakening can occur quickly and bring about a variety of sensations. To successfully manage the encounters, the practitioner must be well-prepared. Under a master’s supervision, this is always advised.

Kundalini Awakening Through Herbs

By ingesting specific substances, Kundalini can be roused in another way. Kundalini can be awakened and the Nadis or energy channels can be opened by using herbs or medications (Aushadhi). Such information is secretive and not easily accessible. If not done properly, waking by herbs might result in a wild awakening with numerous negative side effects, such as psychosis, hallucinations, and physical problems. This technique is not accessible to everyone and is shrouded in secrecy.

Kundalini Through Tapas or asceticism

The Sanskrit word tapas derives from the root tapah, which means heat. In order to purify the body, mind, and emotions, tapas, or austerity, is practised. Our subconscious impressions will appear during tapas, leading to a variety of emotional and mental disorders. One needs to approach these with a witness mentality and see them as a purging procedure. Tapas strengthens our willpower and weakens our Vasanas, or innate tendencies. Due to the process’s churning of the subconscious and unconscious mind, Kundalini awakening may occur. Tapas can cause a violent awakening that can be challenging to manage. Your latent unconscious mind may manifest a variety of images and experiences for you. One might even acquire siddhis, or otherworldly abilities. For the practitioner to manage these negative effects, a teacher’s presence is necessary during these times.

Raja Yoga’s Role in the Awakening of Kundalini

Ashtanga-derived Raja yoga focuses on Dharana (concentration), Dhyana (meditation), and Samadhi (Superconscious awareness). Everyone is not a fan of raja yoga. It needs an extremely pure, or Sattvic, mind. Long-term Hatha yoga practise is advised to prepare a practitioner for Raja Yoga. Raja yoga should only be practised when the mind has been thoroughly cleansed via Hatha, Karma, and Bhakti yoga. Karma yoga is the yoga of action or work.

Kundalini is awakened slowly and steadily in Raja Yoga.

Kriya Yoga and the Awakening of Kundalini

Another calm, secure, and steady way to activate Kundalini is through Kriya Yoga. Most individuals today lack the untainted Sattvic mentality necessary to engage in Raja Yoga meditational techniques. The majority of practitioners nowadays are Rajasic by temperament and lack the patience to engage in demanding practises. Kriya yoga is an excellent technique for them because the awakening occurs gradually and securely over time. Kriya yoga experiences are often moderate and manageable for most practitioners. There are numerous Kriya yoga systems in use today. The majority of methods employ a breathing technique that rotates around the various chakras, activating the Chakras, Nadis, and ultimately the Kundalini Shakti. To begin this technique, one must locate a master with a genuine lineage.

Shaktipat and the Awakening of Kundalini

Shaktipat is when a Guru transmits energy or power to a student by touch, sight, or even just a thought. It can be carried out in the master’s presence physically or virtually. Even an item that the Guru gives the disciple has the potential to convey it. The instantaneous waking might not last forever. For the master to transfer his energy and awaken the disciple, the learner must be suitably prepared. During the awakening, the disciple may have a variety of sensations, all of which will gradually pass. The disciple for Shaktipat is chosen by the guru. The disciple is unable to become ready for this procedure. It simply occurs at the appropriate time.

Tantric Initiation and the Awakening of Kundalini

The initiation of Kundalini through Tantra is an esoteric topic cloaked in mystery. The practitioner must comprehend the Shiva and Shakti principle. Shiva is primarily displayed in males, whereas Shakti is primarily displayed in females. It is possible for there to be an explosion and an awakening when these two forces converge. This route is intended for those who have successfully transcended their passions and wants. Mental chastity is necessary. It is not a route for those who enjoy leisure. A guru’s advice is necessary.

Kundalini Through Bhakti Yoga, awakening

Pure love for God is known as bhakti or devotion. As opposed to worldly love, this love is not the result of passion or connection. Here, Saranagathi, or Self-Surrender, is the key element. The devotee gives his life up to his Ishta Devata, or to the representation of God that he finds appealing and worships. This route is founded on complete faith and submission. Through submission, kundalini awakening is possible even without a specific exercise.
activation of the Kundalini from birth

Rare individuals may have their kundalini ignited from birth. The spiritual practises carried out in prior births can trigger this. Such youngsters may develop into geniuses, prodigies, powerful figures in the world’s politics, military, economy, arts, and sciences, among other spheres, or even become spiritual leaders.

Such people might also require the assistance of a kundalini master to direct their energy upwards in order to avoid any negative repercussions and use the energy for the benefit of the entire world.

As a result, there are numerous ways to activate the kundalini Shakti. However, one must select their spiritual practises in accordance with their personal preferences. You need to locate a master who will initiate you into the chosen method.

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