Sex and Spirituality: How They Can Work Together

A highly detailed and colorful oil on canvas painting of couple in spiritual love.

Sex and spirituality are two topics that have been intertwined throughout human history, yet are often approached as separate entities. While sex is often seen as a physical act, spirituality is often associated with the non-physical or transcendent aspects of life. However, the two are intimately connected, and exploring this connection can lead to a … Read more

Activation Techniques for Kundalini Shakti

Pooja to Soorya (Sun) from The Sundhya or the Daily Prayers of the Brahmins (1851) by Sophie Charlotte Belnos (1795–1865).

The Kundalini’s awakening is a significant stage in the soul’s development. There are several ways to arouse kundalini. In actuality, the kundalini Shakti gradually awakens as the result of the majority of spiritual acts. The majority of these techniques must be acquired from an experienced master. Not all techniques work for everyone. The amount of … Read more

Tantra Yoga Explained In The Easiest Way

Tantra Yoga Explained

What exactly is Tantra Yoga? What is its history, tradition and practices? What connection does it have with Yoga, Buddhism, and other World Religions? In this interview, Dr. Thomas Daffern explains Tantra Yoga from its very beginnings in the Vedic Culture to its spread to Tibet through Padmasambhava (a mahasiddha yogi) and its current modern … Read more

Union of Shiva and Shakti: Tantra Philosophy of Consciousness and Energy

union of shiva and shakti

According to Tantra, Shiva represents the formless, unmanifested, cosmic consciousness. Whereas, Shakti represents formed, manifested, energy. Shakti is the energy not only restricted to the cosmos but also present in each and every individual. Just like Shiva is the supreme consciousness pervading each individual and the whole cosmos. Union of Shiva and Shakti is the … Read more

Ojas (Reproductive Fluid Energy) – Meaning

Chakras and Energy

Ojas is an important concept in Yoga and Tantra. Its meaning is defined more on a subtle level of mind and body system than on a gross level. However, it is very important to understand its meaning because yoga, tantra, and modern practices such as no-fap and abstinence derive their benefits and strength from Ojas. … Read more

Left Hand Tantra: Use of Five Forbidden Things (Sex, Intoxicants, etc.) To Break Attachment

Before understanding the left hand of tantra, it is important to explain the two traditional ways in yoga for enlightenment. Yoga has two paths for self-realization or enlightenment: Path of direct awareness – formless meditation on the self for direct realization Path of technique – path involving techniques and rituals for gradual realization of the … Read more