Tantra Yoga Explained In The Easiest Way

What exactly is Tantra Yoga? What is its history, tradition and practices? What connection does it have with Yoga, Buddhism, and other World Religions?

In this interview, Dr. Thomas Daffern explains Tantra Yoga from its very beginnings in the Vedic Culture to its spread to Tibet through Padmasambhava (a mahasiddha yogi) and its current modern rendition. He also talks about the fascinating mysteries and powers associated with Tantra Yoga like mind-reading, energy impressions, teleportation, and mystical sexual orgasms.

About the Speaker

Dr. Thomas Daffern is a philosopher, historian, lecturer, and peace studies specialist. He has over 30 years of experience in the field of teaching and intense personal study in the fields of philosophy, religion, and history of ideas. He is a Ph.D. degree holder from the University of London for his thesis on the search for peace through a new field of historiography and Transpersonal History. Through his work, he aims to establish peace among rival and contending spiritual and intellectual traditions by establishing a new mode of discourse between them.

He is the Director of the International Institute of Peace Studies and Global Philosophy (IIPSGP). For more information about them check out their website.

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