Trataka Kriya – Meaning, Concept & Effectiveness

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Hatha Yoga emphasizes the practices of body purification (Yoga practices also called Shatkarmas) to balance doshas before any higher practices can be done. One of these practices is called Trāṭaka (commonly written as Trataka). It involves steady and continuous gazing at an object of concentration. Trataka is also mentioned in Hindu mythology in Mahabharata. It … Read more

Shatkarma: Steps before higher practices in Yoga

Shatkarma Kriya depicted on human body parts

Introduction One of the main purposes of Hatha Yoga is to attain control over the breath, but this is difficult unless the body is purified or balanced first. The Shatkarma Kriyas (six purification processes) mentioned in the Hatha Yoga Pradipika are: Dhautī – Internal Cleansing Basti – Yogic Enema Netī – Nasal Cleansing Naulī – … Read more