Ujjayi Pranayama (Easy Method) – Meaning, Procedure, Benefits, Precautions

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Ujjayi is a Sanskrit word that means ‘victorious.’ Its root word is ‘ji’ which means ‘to conquer’ [2]. The prefix ‘ud’ means ‘bondage.’ Therefore ‘ujjayi’ pranayama also means a pranayama that gives freedom from bondage. Ujjayi pranayama is very effective in unlocking the subtle states of the mind. Therefore, it is also called as the … Read more

What are the methods for preservation of sexual energy for the common sadhaka?


In the following excerpt, Swami Kripalvananda answers about the various methods and techniques that can be deployed by a common sadhaka for preservation of celibacy and sexual energy. (1.) Yoga Technique If for any reason there is a thought of sexual desire, the eyes should be fixed between the eyebrows. This will pacify this undesired awakening. With … Read more

Moorchha Pranayama (Entering a state of void) – Meaning, Procedure, Benefits, Precautions


Moorchha pranayama is also called as swooning or fainting breath pranayama. It helps in emptying the mind and creating a sense of void. This pranayama strongly influences the pranic body. Learn the correct way to perform this pranayama below. Mention In Scriptures The following passage is from Hatha Pradipika, in which Swatmarama mentions about moorchha … Read more

Surya Bheda Pranayama – Awaken the Powerful Pingala Nadi and Inner Strength

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The word Surya in Sanskrit means ‘sun’. In yogic terms, this refers to the Pingala Nadi. Whereas, the Sanskrit word Bheda means ‘to pierce’ or ‘to awaken.’ Thus, the word Surya Bheda means to pierce through and purify the Pingala Nadi. This pranayama is very effective to increase vitality. Learn the correct method to perform … Read more

Sheetali Pranayama (Stay cool during summers) – Meaning, Procedure, Benefits, Precautions

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Sheetali is a Sanskrit word derived from the root word sheet that means ‘cold.’ Also, the word Sheetal means something that is soothing, calm, and relaxing. The benefits of sheetali pranayama are many. Learn how to perform this correctly. Mention in Scriptures In Hatha Pradipika, Svātmārāma talks about this practice in the following verses, revealing … Read more

Swami Tadatmananda on Real Kundalini Meditation

Kundalini Meditation

The current yoga world is populated by the buzz of Kundalini meditation. Some sing praises on this mystical serpent power located at the mooladhara chakra, waiting to be stoked to rise. Others warn about its many dangers. Either way, it is said to be essential for attaining enlightenment. The New Age movement in the west … Read more

Yoga Sutra Of Patanjali (4.1 – 4.34) – On Kaivalya

Yoga sutra of Patanjali Chapter 4

Below are the 34 translated verses from the fourth part of Patanjali’s Yoga Sutra. The fourth chapter of the Yoga Sutra starting with verse 4.1 deals with the concept of Kaivalya or Realization. In this chapter, Patanjali tells the secret of how realization can be obtained through Yoga. Kaivalya also means many other things, few of those are “solitude”, “detachment” … Read more