Vajroli Mudra Sexual Energy Sublimation – Technique, Benefits, Precautions

Vajra means a ‘thunderbolt’ or a ‘lightning.’ In the context of yoga, it refers to the vajra nadi that regulates the urogenital system.

Vajra Nadi is also considered to be the flow of energy within the spinal column that governs the sexual systems of the body. It can be said that it is responsible for our libido.

In tantric practices this energy is important, and it is to be cultivated and redirected to awaken the kundalini and hidden psychic powers. In this article, we will learn how to sublimate sexual energy through Vajroli mudra.

For women, Vajroli mudra is also called Sahajolli Mudra. Vajroli mudra can be practiced by people of all sexes.

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Definition of Sexual Energy in Scriptures

Vajroli Mudra Verse 83, Chapter 4

स्वेच्छया वतर्मानोऽिप योगोत्तैिर्नयमैिर्वना ।
वज्रोलीं यो िवजानाित स योगी िसिद्धभाजनम् ।।८३।।
Verse 83, Chapter 3, Hatha Yoga Pradipika
Translation:  Even anyone living a free lifestyle without the formal rules of yoga, if he practices vajroli well, that yogi becomes a recipient of siddhis (perfections).
Vajroli Mudra, Nofap verse 88

एवं संरक्षयेद ् िबन्दं ु मृत्यंु जयित योगिवत ् ।
मरणं िबन्दुपातेन जीवनं िबन्दुधारणात् ।।८८।।
Verse 88, Chapter 3, Hatha Yoga Pradipika
Translation: Therefore, the knower of yoga conquers death by preserving the bindu (semen). Release of the bindu means death; conservation of semen is life.

Sexual life has different purposes for different people. For a tamasic person, it is for progeny, for a rajasic person it is for pleasure but, for a sattvic person, it is for enlightenment.

Semen and female ova contain the force to give a new life. If they can be controlled, the body, as well as the mind, can be controlled.

It is believed that if only semen retention and vajroli are practiced, a yogi will will obtain great source of willpower, mental power, and vitality, even if his lifestyle is less strict. This shows the importance of semen retention in Yoga.

Throughout Hatha Yoga, the importance of Bindu or semen retention is of the primary importance. Participation in sexual activity is not prohibited or rejected. But at the same time loss of vital energy (semen) through ejaculation (lower energy centers) is to be avoided.

Explanation of Vajroli Mudra

There are three Oli mudras that are used specifically to sublimate sexual energy into Ojas (vitality) and kundalini shakti.

These three mudras are:

Originally seven practices of vajroli were considered. These practices require many years of preparation. The simple and basic of these practices (can be performed safely without strict supervision or guru) is the contraction of the urogenital muscles.

Advance vajroli mudra practices involve sucking up liquids through the urethra. After successfully mastering this practice, the final one is attempted. It involves sucking up sexual fluids through the urethra during maithuna or yogic sexual intercourse.

The basic practice will be discussed and elaborated on in this article. For an everyday householder, this basic practice is sufficient.

Vajroli mudra for sexual energy sumbilimation. Image showing it.

Practice steps for Vajroli Mudra

  • Sit in a meditative posture, with your back straight. It is vital that you sit in a pose where your spine is straight and not drooping or reclining. Wrong posture might cause imbalance in energies and lead to unwarranted side-effects from the practice. The preferred posture is siddhasana or siddha yoni asana . The hands should be placed on the knees either in jnana or chin mudra [link].
  • Close your eyes and relax your whole body.
  • Bring your awareness to your urethra. Inhale, hold your breath in and try to draw your urethra upward.
  • This action is similar to holding the urge to urinate.
  • The testes in men and the labia in women should move slightly because of this contraction.
  • Try to focus and confine the force of contraction at the urethra. Bending a little forward during contraction helps to confine the force in that region.
  • Hold this contraction as long as you feel comfortable.
  • Exhale, while releasing the contraction and relax.
  • Try to avoid the contraction of pelvic floor, which might also occur. Keep your contraction limited to genitals.

In the beginning, hold the contraction for as long as you feel comfortable. Maybe starting with a few seconds and then gradually increasing. In the beginning do only 3 contractions, then slowly increase it up to 10 to 15 repetitions.

It is preferable that this mudra be done on an empty stomach. It can be practiced anytime during the day.

Benefits of Sexual Energy Sublimation

  • Sexual energy, and hormones are retained and re-assimilated into the body
  • Spiritual evolution and progress in sadhana are sped up
  • Increase in testosterone level
  • Prevents premature ejaculation
  • Increase in will power and vitality
  • Increase in mental power
  • Essential to awaken the Kundalini energy (energy dormant in our mooldhara chakra)
  • Kundalini energy can then be channelized through sushumna nadi to awaken dormant centers in the brain and expand consciousness.
  • Is believed to help in correcting urinary tract infections (doctor advise required).
  • Is believed to help correcting urinary prolapse (doctor advise required).
  • Helps in erectile dysfunction and impotency.

Side Effects Excess Semen Loss (According to Yoga)

  • Premature decline in vital capacities of the brain.
  • Pressure on the heart vessels and weakening of the nervous system.
  • Decline in will power
  • Tiredness and lethargy
  • Watching porn and masturbating is a trending area of research in psychology and has many ill effects associated with it (for e.g. depression, anxiety, and decrease in dopamine sensitivity)(link).


  • Don’t focus too hard or strain yourself while practicing. Always remain calm and relaxed and listen to your body. If you are facing headaches or body pains after the practice that are severe, stop the practice immediately and seek an expert’s guidance.
  • People suffering from infection and inflammation of the urethra should not practice this mudra. Irritation and discomfort can increase.


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