Social media: The performance mode inside our head

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all “having” must now derive its immediate prestige and its ultimate purpose from appearance – Guy Debord, The Society Of the Spectacle (1967) The many likes Human beings are social animals. We love to interact and share our opinions with others. We like feeling heard and understood. Also, we like to hear what other people … Read more

Introduction: The Stoic Way of Life

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To achieve freedom and happiness, you need to grasp this basic truth: some things in life are under your control, and others are not. – Epictetus The basic tenant of stoic philosophy – a philosophy fully dedicated to living life the best way you can- is the one mentioned in the above quote. It sums … Read more

The ancient system of Yoga: Introduction

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The true origins of the ancient system of Yoga go beyond civilizations. The present shape of it was developed from Vedic texts and Buddhist influences. Its earliest mention is found in the texts of Rigveda. From the 20th century onwards, yoga became available to a greater number of people due to newly published books, discourses, … Read more

Spiritual outlook on modern day anxiety

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The Bhagavad Gita begins with Arjun in anxiety, asking Krishna why he is feeling so uncertain: Sishyasthe Aham Sadhi Mam Tvam Prapannam (I am your disciple, Guide me, Help me)[1]   II chapter….3 rd Sloka And then begins one of the longest and the most potent psychotherapy sessions ever conducted – the grandest and at epic … Read more

What is Spirituality ?

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The word spirituality has been lately popularized and broadly used in various contexts. The meaning of the word spiritual have changed over time. People of different religions, philosophies, ethnicity have given different interpretations to this word. It is loosely related to word religious. Origin of word The word spirit derived from the old French word espirit … Read more