Shatkarma: Steps before higher practices in Yoga

Shatkarma Kriya depicted on human body parts

Introduction One of the main purposes of Hatha Yoga is to attain control over the breath, but this is difficult unless the body is purified or balanced first. The Shatkarma Kriyas (six purification processes) mentioned in the Hatha Yoga Pradipika are: Dhautī – Internal Cleansing Basti – Yogic Enema Netī – Nasal Cleansing Naulī – … Read more

Herbal smoking (Dhūmapāna) – Description, Benefits, Instructions, Procedure & Warnings

close up photo of lighted cigarette stick showing smoke fumes

Herbal Smoking or smoking specific medicated herbs which help cleanse and clear the passage affecting the nose, throat and chest. It not only cleans and clear it also strengthens the hair ,skull, sense organs. Ayurvedic Dhumapana is focused to detoxify, rejuvenate and empower foundational elements, perception centers in addition to organs of perception, mind, entire physique, and … Read more