The Joy Of Now

woman surrounded by sunflowers

This story through the use of wit and humor emphasizes the importance of being present in the moment. This is a principle that is stressed repeatedly in many spiritual scriptures as well. The two excerpts below are from the book “Awakening” by Anthony de Mello[1]. 1 When a guest volunteered to do the dishes after … Read more

Wild Dandelions

shallow focus photo of dandelion

Dandelions are wide-spreading yellow flowers. For some, it is a useful herb. Others look at them as unwanted weed. A traditional Sufi story on appreciating dandelions that exist in our lives. The excerpt below is taken from the storybook “Soul Food”, written by Christina Feldman, Jack Kornfield [1]. Story Mulla Nasrudin decided to start a flower garden. … Read more

Flight of the Gulls

white bird flying under the blue and white sky during daytime

There is nothing better than this beautiful tale to give a glimpse of the infinite that resides in all of us. A seagull who revolts against the accepted behavior of “The Flock” and is considered an outcast. Through his quest for perfect flight, he soon discovers others of like mind and his true nature. Excerpt … Read more

Social media: The performance mode inside our head

abstract board game bundle business

all “having” must now derive its immediate prestige and its ultimate purpose from appearance – Guy Debord, The Society Of the Spectacle (1967) The many likes Human beings are social animals. We love to interact and share our opinions with others. We like feeling heard and understood. Also, we like to hear what other people … Read more

Herbal smoking (Dhūmapāna) – Description, Benefits, Instructions, Procedure & Warnings

close up photo of lighted cigarette stick showing smoke fumes

Herbal Smoking or smoking specific medicated herbs which help cleanse and clear the passage affecting the nose, throat and chest. It not only cleans and clear it also strengthens the hair ,skull, sense organs. Ayurvedic Dhumapana is focused to detoxify, rejuvenate and empower foundational elements, perception centers in addition to organs of perception, mind, entire physique, and … Read more

Introduction: The Stoic Way of Life

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To achieve freedom and happiness, you need to grasp this basic truth: some things in life are under your control, and others are not. – Epictetus The basic tenant of stoic philosophy – a philosophy fully dedicated to living life the best way you can- is the one mentioned in the above quote. It sums … Read more

The ancient system of Yoga: Introduction

Silhouette of man at daytime doing Namaskaar in Yoga pose

The true origins of the ancient system of Yoga go beyond civilizations. The present shape of it was developed from Vedic texts and Buddhist influences. Its earliest mention is found in the texts of Rigveda. From the 20th century onwards, yoga became available to a greater number of people due to newly published books, discourses, … Read more

Spiritual outlook on modern day anxiety

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The Bhagavad Gita begins with Arjun in anxiety, asking Krishna why he is feeling so uncertain: Sishyasthe Aham Sadhi Mam Tvam Prapannam (I am your disciple, Guide me, Help me)[1]   II chapter….3 rd Sloka And then begins one of the longest and the most potent psychotherapy sessions ever conducted – the grandest and at epic … Read more